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Buri-chan no monogatari

(a day in the life of a misunderstood fish..)

My origins are in the fair, droughthy regions of North Dakota but for the time being I'm being soaked to the bone in wet, wet, going on 24th typhoon this year, Japan. Here I teach elementary school children 'cultural diversity' and some key english phrases. I'm mostly just here for the tonkotsu ramen, and Japanese eye candy. I am trying to apply to graduate school for developmental biology next year in whatever country will take me^_^; (b/c Japanese summers are just too hot!!).
Despite being kind of a science nerd, I really like sticking my nose into my art friends' work. When I want to be enthralled and dazzled in sparkleys I go to uminomamori's page to get a dose of elegant and beautiful figures, or if I'm in the mood for bright, and fantastical creatures, I hop over to chunkygoat's page. I am waiting patiently for mdbl to put up some artwork for me to caper around.
When I'm not wasting my life away in front of the computer, I'm reading, playing video games, drinking 100 yen beers (WHYY IS THERE A TYPHOON SO I CAN'T GO DRINK AT MY YAKITORI RESTAURANT??) or knitting... sometimes making cosplay outfits, but not very often^_^;;